Selasa, 19 April 2011

Stop Prank Callers Now – Reverse Phone Lookup Works.

Are you fed up with prank callers? So was i, but i found a way to put an end to this annoyance by using a very powerful, yet highly affordable reverse phone lookup service.
You may be thinking, why would you use a reverse phone lookup service to stop prank callers? But if you understand what information you can find, and then know what to do with that information, you can put an end to prank callers very easily.
The chances are, the prank caller may have left a number, but you dont want to call them back, as you may become a victim of the “Call Back Scam”. The call back scam will charge a premium rate to call the prank number back, which would incur a rather large addition to your existing telephone bill.
If you are a wise individual, you would first investigate the number, expecially if its unknown to you or anyone within your household. The last thing you want it to be the victim of a scam and the prank tricksters are becoming alot smarter these days as they develop their methods for syphoning cash from your bank account.
By using a reverse phone lookup service, you are able to find names and addresses of the owner of each specific cell or landline number. Background information on this owner will also be made available. When you have consistent prank calls from the same number, its time to take action by using this information to your own advantage.
Gathering all the information from your own personal investigation, you have the proof you need to hand this over to the local authorities to give them the power to end these calls and shut them down. Some companies within your local area may prank call you also as this has been a method of free marketing for many un-ethical companies.

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