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International Popular Sneakers, Which Brands Hit The Top Listings Around The World

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Sneakers, or trainers as they are called in England are a common footwear options for a lot of teenagers, they are not only comfortable but have a fashion icon status attached to them as well. This is because the well known brands are highly desirable with celebrities and famous sports men and woman who endorse them. But which ones make the international popular sneakers list?
Nike has become a well known as loved brand in recent years and their trademark swoosh and simple but catch Just do it slogan have taken the world by storm. The company began back in 1972 and hasnt look back since, many of the big names in the sports world opt for this brand such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.
Adidas started back in 1924 and has become a major player with sponsorship deals around the world. It is now one of the largest sportswear producers in the world and they have had ties with the likes of Madonna who used to endorse them and soccer superstar Michael Ballack.
ASICS which stands for anima sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body, have been producing quality shoes since 1949 and have become a very desirable brad for runners. They also sponsor many teams around the world.
The Converse brand is currently seeing a resurgence in fashion status. The company started out back in 1917 and in addition to its trade mark ankle sneakers they also have a range of safety work wear shoes that mimic thier all star range.
Fila are another of the words favoured brands and is a relatively new comer. This brand emerged in the 1970s and is now South Koreas main and largest company in the sportswear field. Famous people who endorse or wear this companys products include Paris Hilton and Michael Schumacher.
Reebok is a British company that has been in operation since 1895 although under a different name, Reebok as a brand name only came about in 1960. English soccer team Bolton Wanders have a long term sponsorship deal with Reebok. Rapper Jay-Z and 50 Cent both have their own shoe as does Scarlett Johansson who has a clothing and footwear line with the company.
These are only a few brands but are the ones that top the charts when it comes to international popularity. This is not only from a consumer point of view but from a commercial one as well; each of these brands has their hand in a number of projects or sponsorship deals which raises their profile and their overall reputation.
The more a brand is seen, especially if worn by an in trend celebrity of sports icon, the better the sales are and the higher up the popularity ladder they climb. A number of years back Nike was the biggest and in many ways it still is, in the UK at least it is the one that has the most TV airtime through adverts.

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